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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  July 25, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 midday i'm barbara harrison, we begin with a joyful and relieving discovery this morning. 57-month-old boy who had been missing since friday has been found. a teenager who was supposed to be taking care of him is in police custody. megan mcgrath joins us live from children's hospital in northwest d.c. where little ki' yauhn birch is being reunited with his
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family. >> reporter: enormous relief to the family of 7-month-old ki' yauhn birch. we have a frantic video here to show you as they arrive at the glass doors of the emergency room here at children's hospital. they were trying goat in to be reunited. the doors were locked, thoerp. they were banging on the doors yelling to be let in so they could be reunited with ki' yauhn. he has been missing since friday night. that's when an acquaintance of the baby's father took the boy from their baltimore home. 16-year-old jonay boozer is the one who allegedly took the child. she has an unusual hair style. blond mohawk and several facial piercings. that's a description of her broadcast out and aired on television program and police had that information all around the region. it was this morning early, a little after 6:00 a.m., when the break in the case came. somebody recognized a woman who fit that description.
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she was standing there at a bus stop in northeast washington. that person called 911. police arrived at the scene and that's when they discovered the woman and the child. the boy has been taken here to children's hospital and appears to be doing just fine. but he's being looked over by doctors just to be sure. as i mentioned his family arrived here on the scene and they are being reunited with the child as we speak. a little while ago we spoke to a relative over the phone. needless to say, everyone is quite relieved. >> the baby is okay. the baby is fine. they are running tests to make sure. we thank god. we had everyone praying from, you know, the church to the community. it want an act of god. we prayed and trusted and believed that ki'yauhn would be found healthy and live. that was our prayer. >> 16-year-old jonay boozer is in police custody at this point.
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he is being questioned by investigators but no charges have been filed. not as of yet. they are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. what was the chain of custody and who was supposed to have the child who had permission to have the child. that sort of thing. they are going to need to talk to investigators in baltimore as well and sort all of this out. again, at this point a happy reunion. the 7-month-old boy reunited with his mother and other relatives at the hospital. back to you in the studio. >> you can imagine how relieved the familiar sly. thank you for that report. new today, one fire fighter is recovering from heat exhaustion after battling a house fire in hiyattsville. it happened around 3:00 this morning. the red cross is helping the three people displaced by the fire. the cause of that fire is under investigation. turning to the weather now and more bearable temperatures. tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. how much cooler is it today than this time yesterday? >> a few degrees.
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we are going to get a bit of break temperaturewise. the humidity is still unbearable. sheer live view from the sky watcher camera looking into southern montgomery county now. off in the distance on the horizon we are looking into fairfax county. you can barely see it. the haze is rather thick and we have clouds beginning to build in, the summer haze. we are looking into arlington. you can see the haze there, it is rather thick. camera panning into washington and right now there is the national cathedral in the foreground. on the distance, prince george's county. we have thick humidity there as well. temperatures around the region are now climbing into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. and it will climb a few more degrees by later this afternoon. these are the current heat indexes, the combination of heat and humidity and feels like it is in the upper 90s throughout the region. and as this humidity is rather thick. radar scanning the sky. diminishing showers now pulling out of the mountains of west virginia just now moving into parts of the shenandoah valley.
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they may be dissipating by the time we arrive there. there may be a thundershower just now developing in far southwestern rappahannock county and then far northern frederick county in maryland there on the pennsylvania border. we could have other storms popping up here this afternoon with thunder and lightning and hazy and humid. some of the isolated storms could produce quick flooding, flash flooding may cause localized flooding mid to late afternoon. highs low to mid 90s. look of changes on the way for tomorrow and wednesday, rest of the week, that will be coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, tom. suspect in the deadly attacks in norway appeared in court today. he was rain order terrorism charges he pled not guilty saying he wanted to save europe. investigators are going through a diatribe posted online in which he plans to defending europe from muslim domination. martin fletcher has that story. >> reporter: at noon local time
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today all of norway paused for a minute's silence. memory of the victims who died in one man's obsession. ♪ and sunday's memorial, king harold and queen sonya cried with their people. a nation shocked. listening with or dwror the survivors of the massacre. >> he looked like a police officer. he had all the clothes and -- the gun and everything. >> it was like fireworks. >> i didn't understand anything. it was some kind of -- >> reporter: he planned the take for months but why? rarely has an alleged massed killer's motives be so laid out. hours before setting off a massive bomb in oslo center, and driving to the island and hunting down and killing at
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least 86 teenagers, 32 years old, post ad manifesto on the internet. 1500 pages. the work, he said of several years. in the very first sentence he wrote -- it is better to kill too many than not enough. later, we do not want to do this but we are left with no choice. and his chilling final thought, i believe this will be my last entry. it is now friday, july 22nd. then he allegedly set off on his murderous rampage. his lawyer told nbc news he wants a platform for his political views. >> a start of a revolution. it will change the western world. >> reporter: he wants to stop muslims from emigrating to europe. to end european attempts to have different people live side by side. what they call multicultures. >> that was martin fletcher reporting. one of the survivors of the shooting rampage at the youth camp appeared on the "today" show earlier. the 16 year old described where she was when the suspect burst
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into her cabin where she was trying to hide. >> i was trapped in a small room in the main house. when the man came into the house and we heard shooting inside, everybody ran. i was inside the room. ten people was trapped in the room, in the corner. and -- when he come in from a door he started shooting the people on the floor. three survived. >> he also wrote that he formed a group in 2002 with other extremists so investigators are now muching for those people and looking into the possibility of a second shooter at the youth camp. the loudoun county sheriff's office says a 21-year-old man assaulted and robbed when he opened the door to men that he thought were his friends. it happened along hiddengrove court in ashburn. officials say that the man opened his door and was immediately struck with a blunt
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object. at least two men came into the home and took several items. so far no arrests have been made. police are looking for help from the public this morning but it is less about what you know and more about what languages you can speak. arlington county police started a bilingual ride-along program. they are looking for anyone that can speak spanish, french, mongolian, arabic, and african dialects to help officers patrol. officers will be called for translations during investigations. police want to make sure they can communicate with as many people in the community as possible. our time right now is nine minutes after 11:00. coming up, take a look at where debt talks stand this morning. how the markets are reacting to the failure over the weekend to come up with a compromise. plus, the new developments overnight in the nfl labor talks. when teams will be back to work and signing
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there hasn't been too much cheering following the opening bell this morning. the dow and s&p 500 have been down almost a full percentage point since the markets opened. going to get an update from cnbc later in the newscast. part of the reason investors are concerned on wall street is the failure of law makers to come up with a solution to the country's debt crisis. republicans and democrats are
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expected to propose two rival bills this morning that are headed down two very different paths. nbc's kelly o'donnell reports on where leaders from both political parties go from here. >> reporter: no deal yet. the word went tout house republicans in a conference calm sunday led by speaker john boehner. a pep talk and call for unity after this message on fox news. >> i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. if that's not possible, i, my republican colleagues in the house, are prepared to move on their own. >> reporter: no deadline needed for the washington blame game. treasury secretary tim geithner laid it on tea party republicans. >> the problem is they have been vocal, irresponsible minority in their parties which want to take the country to the edge of default. that's not acceptable. >> reporter: aides say boehner told his members to prepare themselves to give. he said it is going to require some of you to make some sacrifices. while the speaker accused democrats of playing politics. over their demand that a debt
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ceiling increase must last beyond the 2012 election. >> shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> reporter: democrats don't want a rerun of this mess during the election year. republicans want two steps, raise the debt ceiling by $1 trillion now with equal cuts and vote to raise it again next year if a second big chunk of cuts is made. >> it must be extended in way it gives certainty the economy through '13 and not some short-term gimmick we are right back in this fix. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. transportation officials are expressing their frustrationing that thousands of faa employees are off because after shutdown. they are furloughed without pay because congress was not able to pass an extension of the air travel agency's funding friday. 1,000 of those employees work in the district. it also means airports
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nationwide will not receive about $2.5 billion in funding for construction projects. congress says that they will revisit the bill today. this afternoon, president obama will address a major hispanic civil rights organization. the national council of laraza is holding its conference here. the speech is expected to focus on immigration issues. the conference is being held at the marriott in woodley park. and security is expected to be tight. if you are in the area around lunch time, you main want to avoid connecticut avenue. democratic leader nancy pelosi is asking an ethics panel to investigate a democratic congressman, david wu. amid allegations of sexual misconduct. the democrat from oregon says he will not resign but will not run for re-election amid allegations of sexual misconduct. he has been under pressure to resign since friday. the oregonian newspaper reports that a teenage woman repoaccuse of an you wanted sexual advance
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last november. right now investigators are looking into a deadly train crash in eastern china. at least 39 people were killed including two americans. a bullet train lost power after being struck by lightning. it was then rear ended by another train before falling off an elevated track. it is unknown how fast the bullet trains were going when they collided. this is the first major incident on china's high-speed rail network. leaders are meeting to talk about the hunger problem in parts of africa. members of the united nations are holding an emergency meeting in rome about the famine in somalia and nearby countries. the drought is affecting 11 million people. the world bank is promising more than a half billion dollars in aid. we just got word the rockville campus in montgomery county college is closing at noon because of a power outage. that is not good on a hot day. here is tom with the weather to tell us how it will get even though it is a little cooler. >> we need the ac because that
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humidity is still very high. one more day of oppressive humidity to go through and then we will get a break beginning late tonight and into tomorrow. between now and then we will likely get thunderstorms. right now there's the sky over washington. you can see that thick summer haze over the jefferson memorial. just down river is national airport where right now it is almost 90 degrees. the dew point up at a steamy 74. we have a calm wind. and with the air pollution build thing afternoon, it is going to be unhealthy air quality later this afternoon. we have a harder respiratory ailment, stay inside. temperatures around the region, hit the upper 80s. most areas where they had rain. out in western maryland, west virginia, and it is in the mid 70s there. and the area around the bay where it is even a little bit steamier than it is west, it is in the mid 80s there to the eastern shore where they have had a little bit of rain coming through there earlier this morning. right around 80 degrees. these are the heat indexes, that
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combination of humidity and air the. it does feel like nearly 100 degrees now. it is just oppressive humidity. the heat index in fredericksburg is at 102. culpeper 102. last friday, though, it was the worst in warrenton, virginia, 3:00 on friday afternoon, the heat index there was 133. that's the highest i can remember in my over 28 years here of anything like that. today, well, it is certainly oppressive. nothing like we had on friday. as we go back over the last 12, 24 hours or so we have had just a few clouds coming through. they are beginning to build now producing a little shower developing looks like near reston, virginia. and mclean. and that is drifting off to the east. we also have perhaps a little bit of thunder and lightning going on along the pennsylvania border. up towards york, pennsylvania. farther to our west we have just a few showers coming out of the mountains. but leading edge of the storms likely that will be developing now way off to our west where we have a cool front that's just
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now coming into western pennsylvania, getting really heavy rains now just east of pittsburgh, this may bow down and come our way here later this afternoon with brief heavy downpours and the future cast going forward, closer view, showing these areas of color. these are the zones potential rain. it does look like by later this afternoon, we see these areas of orange and yellow, that's where we could have heavier downpours. coming out of pennsylvania, crossing into maryland and by perhaps around 4:30, 5:00 in the afternoon, coming into the metro area, enough heavy rain in a short amount of time to cause flash flooding. it also gets really heavy downpours as well farther south quantico to fredericksburg near charlottesville. that, too, will be moving on through. little bit later perhaps by 6:30, 7:00 or so, after that, that's where we will get this wonderful sigh of relief as we get into the evening hours and late evening and tomorrow we will have the lower humidity moving in. it will be much more pleasant.
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for this afternoon, yes, we could get some of the thunderstorms coming through. and again, we could get enough heavy rain that we could have localized flooding and indeed could cause some flash flooding in some areas. watch out for that. that will be the story this evening as well. thunderstorms likely until perhaps mid to late evening and then after that we will be cooling down to the upper 70s by midnight. by dawn tomorrow, we will be down to near 70 and lower humidity in place on tuesday and wednesday, afternoon highs around 90 degrees but it will be a dry heat. then as we get into thursday, friday, and end of the week, weekend, the humidity returns and we heat back up to 100 friday. overing the weekend, highs in the 90s. small chance of passing storms each one of those day. >> it is interesting how mother nature gives us a reason to look forward to snow. >> or look forward to only 90 degrees tomorrow. it will feel great. >> that's true. all right. thank you, tom. football can breathe a sigh
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of relief according to mult reports, players agreed to terms for a new collective bargaining agreement this morning. representatives for players still have to submit an official vote on the deal which is expected later today. that's considered a formality. a news conference is expected. what comes next is a mystery. there are conflicting reports about when training camps and free agency will begin but this is what we are hearing. sources say facilities could open as early as tomorrow with players reporting by wednesday and training camps beginning by thursday. then the players union would have to recertify which is expected by friday and free agency can start by the weekend. although saints quarterback drew brees sent an e-mail to teammates over the weekend saying that free agency could start by tomorrow. today fans can get a look at super phenom bryce harper. the farm hand and rest of the nationals double-a farm team harrisburg senators will be in opportunity for a three-game
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series. the 18-year-old harper is struggling in his first 15 games since moving up from a to double-a. hitting .204 with zero home runs and two rbis. also today the san francisco giants are heading to the white house. president obama will honor the 2010 world series champions. they defeated the texas rangers to win that title. the president will also recognize the efforts the giants make to give back to that your community off the field. no word if eccentric closer wilson will wear his spandex tuxedo to meet the commander in chief. it is now 11:22. still ahead, finding a deal. when and where to look. a local lawyer that's showing off his other talents in a children's book. a lesson he is trying to teach. first, here is a look at what's
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from coupons to holiday sales, everyone is looking for the best deal on just about anything these days. what is the best day for a deal? turns out it is wednesday. gas tends to be about five cents cheaper on wednesdays. groceries go on sale in the evening. it is the day when there to be most online deals. when it comes to online shopping you can find deals just about any day of the week. >> today is a great day to buy dresses. and jewelry.
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steepest discounts. tuesday is sports coats. thursday is shoes. friday is suits and -- >> how do you remember all of these? >> sportswear. >> okay. >> if it is airline tickets, though, you are looking for, you may have to stay up our bedtime. best price hits the internet on wednesday at 1:00 in the morning. the popular screen on the green turns to the national mall tonight on a new location actually. you can watch the 1967 movie "in the heat of the night." shown on the big screen on the national mall between 8th and 14th streets northwest. the movie will start around dusk, 8:30, 9:00. it is free. we will check with tom to see if he thinks it will be dry around that time. it is 11:26. coming up in the next half hour, the maid that accused the head of the former imf speaks out for first time. the death of amy winehouse. what are investigators to
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determine how the singer died. tom kierein luc about a with a look at when we can see storms
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right now on "news4 midday," a boy is safe. the mother of the boy arrived at the hospital a half hour ago. he was taken from his father's home by a teenager watching the
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baby. she's now in police custody. anders breivik was in court today. breivik pleaded not guilty saying he did what he had to do to sauvure pop he was rained on terrorism charges and will be jailed for at least eight weeks until his trial. this morning, the parents of amy wine houhouse visited the memorial outside of her home. the parents are asking for privacy and space as the officials determine what caused her death. fans have been placing flowers, cards and other mementos outside her home. an autopsy is scheduled today to find out how she died. stephanie gosk has a look at the singer's trouble with drugs and alcohol. ♪ i cheated myself ♪ like i knew i would >> reporter: it was a rapid rise to fame and a familiar tragic struggle with all that came with
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it. ♪ you know i'm no good >> reporter: amy winehouse's first album was released in 2003 not that long ago. she was only 20 years old. but it was "back to black," the second release that launched the singer's short career. nominated for six grammys, it won five. ♪ try to make me go to rehab ♪ i said no no no >> reporter: those words would become her undoing. tempted by drugs and then addiction. >> you have to do this. you have to go to this. you have to do this. you are killing me. you are killing your mom. none of it worked. >> reporter: saturday winehouse died in her london home despite rescue workers workers' attempt revive her. there's speculation of a drug overdose. winehouse went in and out of
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rehab. but ultimately she couldn't beat it. in belgrade this spring the kickoff performance of a comeback tour was disastrous. her timing was off. she slurred lyrics and seemed drunk. the crowd booed. many left before it was over. she grew up in north london picking up a love of music from her father. early favorites were sinatra. her music would eventually rely heavily on jazz. but often with hip hop and r&b player. >> amy winehouse combined elements of jazz and rith and blues and blues in a modern setting. and thus was reminiscent of some of the great female vocals. she was one of the rare true artists of our time. >> that was stephanie gosk reporting. winehouse is the latest in a string of music superstars who
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died at the age of 27. other members of what has been dubbed the forever 27 club includes jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jim morrison, and curt cobain. new today, amanda knox got great news in her murder appeals case. independent analysts determined there was no dna on the knife used to kill knox's former roommate. knox spent the past two years in prison and is currently sentenced to 26 years behind bars in italy. she hopes this appeal will finally overturn her conviction. if the sentence is overturned she could leave the prison as early as september. jury selection for a trial for fundamentalist church leader warren jeffs begins today. he is accused of child sexual assault. he was the head of a mormon church in texas and investigators say he forced girls to marry much older men as part of their religion. back in 2008 authorities raided the compound taking more than 400 children into protective custody. jury selection could take up to
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a week to complete. that hotel housekeeper accusing dominick strass-kahn said she learned she was a french polite figure from news reports. she told "newsweek" she did not know he was the chief of the international monetary fund. she describes in detail what strass-kausss-kahn did and how escaped. she said i ran into the hallway, i was so nervous, i was so scared. i didn't want to lose my job. prosecutors have not decide whether to move forward with charges against strass-kahn. his lawyer issued statement saying dialo is lying and trying to inflame public opinion. four teens are recovering today after being attacked by a bear in alaska. they were attacked by a brown bear on saturday night 120 miles north of ainge ridge. it happened during a survival training camp. alaska police say the lessons the teens learned at the camp kept them alive during this very terrifying incident. >> thankfully this was a group
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of kids that was prepared. they were out there in the field to learn survival skills and had been learning survival skills and they had good equipment with them. after the bear attack and left, they were able to establish a cam and take care of each other and wait for help. they did everything right in that sense. >> police believe that the bear was protecting its cub when it attacked. all four teens were airlifted to a local hospital. two were inn serious condition. let's go to tom now and find out what the weather will be like for the screen on the green that starts, i guess, about 8:00, 8:30. what will it be like? >> they may get interrupted by a passing thundershower. right now the sky is clogged with clouds. there is a live puck tour from our sky watcher camera looking towards downtown washington. you can see the haze in the atmosphere and the temperatures are in around upper 80s to near 90 degrees throughout most of the region. shenandoah valley, mid 80s.
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70s in the mountains of western maryland. they had passing showers this morning. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, temperatures in the low and mid 80s. look at the heat index. combination of temperature and humidity. it feels like around 100 degrees here as we aproch the noon hour. the radar is showing some showers up along the pennsylvania boarder with thunder and lightning. closer view of the radar showing a developing thundershower near falls church and another little shower right near mclean in fairfax county. those are drifting of ever so slowly to the east-southeast. another shower up in northern montgomery county near damascus and may develop into a thundershower, too, over the next few hours. and some scattered storms likely the rest of the afternoon into the evening some of which could develop downpours that could cause localized flooding. highs to the mid 90s by mid afternoon. lower humidity tuesday, wednesday. summer weather coming in. thursday into the weekend we heat back up and humidity returns. small chance of storms each day. >> all right. 11 metro stations are
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getting new shorter names by next summer. the transit agency will shorten the names to make it's easier for riders. the system's longest name u street african-american civil war memorial cordoza will be known as u street station. if a station's named after landmark it has to be within a half a mile of the station. the agency will conduct customer reer is too much make sure the new names work for riders. metro is timing the change was its plans to realign the yellow and blue line service in june of 2012. we have a traffic alert for d.c. drivers right now. watch out for crews starting construction on the new main avenue southwest trail project. lanes could be closed on the south side of main avenue and southwest washington between the 14th street bridge and 12th street southwest. crews are replacing a sidewalk with a trail to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians. workers will also install new
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storm drains, lighting, signs and fencing. this construction will continue through mid october. congress has a new critic in its efforts to reduce the debt. the nation's major airlines are fighting lawmakers over new security fees included in several defense sit reduction proposals. congress wants to double the security knees paid bypass enjers for each flight and want to raise about $15 billion over the next ten years. right now the maximum security fee is $10. heightened security fees raised ticket prices and hurt the already fragile economic recovery. a joyful day in new york as hundreds of same-sex couples celebrating their brand-new marriages. the state made gay marriage legal just yesterday but couples are lining up in droves to tie the knot. more than 650 licenses were picked up. 484 couples didn't want to wait and got married right there in the city clerk's office. couples who had been together
11:39 am
for years were overwhelmed with joy now that they are legally married. >> i keep thinking that i -- it just -- it is not real. >> we are so happy that they can be with us. >> this is the most amazing day for new york. it is a celebration of love and history. >> new york is the sixth state to legally recognize gay marriage. the district passed its own measure allowing gay marriage in march of 2010. do you know someone that collects things that when the collecting turn into hoarding? nbc's carrie lee talked with a woman worried she is on the track to become a full-fledged hoarder. >> reporter: she loves to collect things like secondhand clothes. >> during the day it is consignment shops and stores like this. evening, auctions looking for vintage clothing. >> reporter: today she is shopping for dresses. to add to the hundreds she already owns. >> okay. so this is your collection. >> this is may pant collection. >> but you don't wear pants. >> i don't wear pants. >> translator: sheer mention of
11:40 am
her daughter's upcoming wedding led to a new collection. vintage wedding gowns. she already has six bins of them. they are all full. she is still adding to this collection. linney was a nurse and 150 pounds heavier. when she lost the weight, she realized kwloe ed clothes made good. soon she couldn't part with any of them and wanted more and more. >> it just got worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: linney's home is now stuffed. her shower, a makeshift closet. a room off her living room, another closet. she does sell some of her wares online but admit she is brings in more than puts out. her need to acquire has branched off into new collections. spinning wheels have taken over her dining room. her stovetop is covered in china. she has more linens than she can count and none of them have ever been used. linney's belongings have taken over and she says she's worried she has become a full-fledged hoarder. >> there's just bags of it, bags
11:41 am
of it. thrown on top of that are more purchases. >> reporter: hartford hospital's david tollen is well known in his area of expertise. he is looking for early signs of the hoarding disorder in linney. >> does the amount of that stuff get in the way of your ability to use any of the parts of your home? >> reporter: dr. tollen believes lynny on her way. somewhere early on the hoarding spectrum. >> maybe where we see linney is right at the beginning of that escalation. what she told us is she's always had this acquiring habit. these tendencies have always been there. what she ended up doing is changing her occupation and social life so they would accommodate that acquiring habit. habit is now starting to get out of control. >> going to go home and i'm getting rid of my clothes. i'm going to make the changes that he suggested doing other social things with my auction friends. go dancing. go out to eat. things like that. >> reporter: linney said her
11:42 am
session with dr. tollen was inspiring. >> i'm determined now to make some changes. >> reporter: but just one week later, we watched linney unload her car after what appears to be another successful trip to the auction. >> if you suspect someone you know is a hoarder, it is important to get them help. in extreme cases hoard can lead to health and safety hazards. 11:42. our time still ahead, back on the rise. how much more we are paying at the pump this morning. a local lawyer who is showing off his other thatents in a children's book. the
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in the weekly guessing game of will gas go up or down, the answer is up. national average is $3.70. d.c. saw the biggest jump in our area of four cents to $3.91. virginia is now at $3.62 a gallon. maryland drivers are paying $3.70. two cents more than a week ago. west virginia is paying $3.70. that's up a penny from last week for them. stocks are lower this morning after congressional leaders failed to agree on a deal to raise the nation's debt limit to avoid default. let's check in with hampton pearson. he joins us live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> an even bigger guessing game than about gasoline prices we see stocks trading in negative
11:46 am
territory. investors concerned there is a debt ceiling dead american debt will get a downgrade. we are off the lows of the day right now. dow down 57. the nasdaq is down about six points. s&p down five. divided congress pushing rival budget plans pushing the country closer to default with just over a week left before the august 2nd deadline. overseas mooney overseas, a new measures imply substantial losses for private investors. gold hitting a new peak before falling back. but it is still on track for its biggest monthly gain since april as investors look for a safe haven. oil futures are also down today to $99 a barrel. concerns about a government default putting a damper on demand and stronger overall economic growth. meanwhile, cigarette maker saw second quarter profit increase by 10% as it sold more newport
11:47 am
and maverick cigarettes at higher prices. net income is up $291 million or $2.05 share. $120 million a year high earn a year ago. netfl investors will be looking for an impact of a rate hike of netflix's online video service which has been enjoying a surge in new customers. positive earnings, one fact or offsetting the concerns about the debt limit debacle. >> thank you. we have a guest with us today who is following and succeeding in two very different passions. paul reichert, a d.c. area lawyer by day and children's book author and cartoonist at night. paul joins us this morning to talk about his first children's book and the lesson he hopes to teach with that book. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> tell us how did you decide you wanted to write a book. it is called "lemonade ripple." we will talk about what it is
11:48 am
about. why did you want to do it? >> you mentioned i'm lawyer by day. did zooes firm. a reward career. i was growing up illustrating and drawing. i wanted to find an outlet for that. i have two young daughters at home and read a lot children's books and realize it is something i would probably do if the right story came along and had the right initiative and idea. >> tell us about the book then. >> sure. it is about a little girl named caroline who is my daughter's name. who starts lemonade stand to help a friend in need. and she may not have raised enough money to help her friend completely buy a whole new wheelchair on her own and starts a rip until the community. her friends see how much she is finding, being charitable and they get involved and ultimate there whole town is involved. and in helping the special cause. >> sounds like a good message. and you are the illustrator as well. >> i am. yes. written and illustrated by me. >> how did you start illustrating? you said you have been doing it for quite some time.
11:49 am
>> i grew up drawing and illustrating cartooning and hit the career path, law school, art school? i went to law school and had a great time practicing law. always looking for another opportunity to explore another interest in my life. >> your experience in the legal field, did you feel like we needed this ripple effect to get people helping each other? >> sure. i think it is a great message. the aim of the book is to teach kids philanthropy at an early age. it is a word some kids and adults don't fully understand. you don't have to do a lot to create a big impact. >> did you have a favorite child's book? >> yes, the classics. "curious george." great new children's books out now. some really entertaining and lot of informational-type stuff. i'm trying to follow in those big footsteps. >> there's big footsteps but this sounds like great book. you self-published it. now you have a publisher ready to do it for.
11:50 am
>> did you that's right. next year we are launching another aedition of the book. we have done well locally with the book this past year. next year we will get into the top 2,500 libraries and schools, bookstores. i'm looking forward to going out here in d.c. and around the country and schools and talking about the message and promoting the book. >> you are planning to donate the proceeds of the sale of this book. >> proceeds all go to a national foundation called the foundation for community betterment. it has chapter in d.c. and other cities. the mission of the foundation is similar to the story in the book, seek to encourage young people about young kids and young adults to go out and be philanthropic and be fun and realize even a little can sometimes go a long way. >> this is a foundation you were involved in before you wrote the book? >> it has been about 11 years. i have been involved -- my wife is on the board. started by a lot friends about ten years ago when they were in their 30s. now we have all grown up and have little kids, looking for a
11:51 am
way to reach out to the next generations and that's how the idea of the children's book came along and great opportunity i was looking for something to kind of start to draw and illustrate some more when i'm not practicing law. >> where can people find this book? >> it is available at our website. i encourage particularly in this heat wave of kids out there doing lemonade stands for good causes to send us a picture and post it online and get your message out there, too. >> have your daughters had a lemonade stand yet? >> not yet. they are a little young. they enjoyed the book. hopefully some day they will take up the lesson and do something charitable on their own. >> "the lemonade ripple." is the website. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> encouraging to kids to try to get involved in philanthropic ideas and also people may be thinking about writing their own books. look at how successful you have been doing it. thank you so much for coming.
11:52 am
our time now is 11:51. coming up 57-year-old that wrote a book hoping to get a dog. meteorologist
11:53 am
11:54 am
a new study saysturning off the computer and going offline is as hard as quitting smoking or drinking. that according to "the daily mail." a research firm surveyed 1,000
11:55 am
people about their feelings on using the internet. the study finds 53% of people feel upset when denied internet access. and 40% feel lonely if they can't go online. one person surveyed even said being deprived of the internet was like having my hand chopped off. the producer film such as "shutter island" and "black swan" announced today that he bought the rights to the story of those 33 miners that were trapped underground in chile for two months. lit draw on the book being written about the miners by hector teduar. no word on how much the miners received for their story. production is scheduled to begin next year. he's only 7 years old but evan just finished his first book in hopes of raising money for a serious health condition. evan has suffered from epileptic seeb urs mo
11:56 am
seizures most of his life. a dog could help him detect seizures but buying a seizure dog is expensive. his family needs to raise about $13,000. he decided to write a book to raise money for the dog. >> it is about me and what my seizure dog will do for me. it may take me about 30 days or so. >> you can follow evan's progress and learn how to get a copy of his book by going to his blog at all proceeds will go towards the purchase of that service dog. take a look at now some of the stories we are going to be following for you for this afternoon with the extreme heat. take a look at the dangers of wearing flip-flops. yes. apparently they are dangerous. also a hit-and-run driver killed a woman's son. why is a mother facing more jail time than the driver? the mother's story at 4:00. tonight at 5:00, it is a $2.5 billion project and almost
11:57 am
as big as the mall of america. tonight only news4 cameras are allowed inside to show you how the state of the art facility is going to help our wounded war veterans recover. in time for a final check on the forecast. >> we have humidity still with us. not quite as hot as has been the last couple of days. cloud cover over washington now. some dark clouds are beginning to build. and those temperatures are building as well. right now it is around 90 degrees, 92 now at reagan national as we approach the noon hour. and the -- heat index at reagan national is at 103. so we really have the heat and humidity with us. right now the radar scanning the sky. we have one shower just now developing in northeast washington. the one that was over falls church has drifted towards burk, virginia western fairfax county. so far don't really have much reports of any lightning in those but they could develop lightning in the next hour or so and could get other passing thunderstorms later this afternoon and off and on into this evening and there is a chance that an isolated storm
11:58 am
could produce heavy rain and localized flooding. that's the price we are going to pay for a wonderful pattern for tuesday and wednesday with lower humidity and highs reaching near 90 and lots of sun, beautiful summer days coming up, tuesday, wednesday. more humid again thursday and the heat builds and humidity in for friday into the weekend. just a small chance of storms each day friday, saturday, sunday. we will see you tomorrow morning. >> tom, thanks so much. that's "news4 midday." we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for more news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. i will be back tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. hope you join us for that. have a terrific. stay cool. watch out for those storms headed our
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